skai® cool colors plus


The new skai® mattex exterior surface is the absolute flattest matt finish ever 

Matte is in. It is on trend for windows, doors, garage doors and facade elements. In new builds and renovations alike. With skai® mattex, Continental is introducing the most matte covering for plastic profiles currently available on the market. The sand-matte surface texture in stylish colors, from jet black and anthrazitgrau through to weiß, perfectly reproduces the appearance of powder-coated aluminum.

The skai® mattex foils for window profiles boasts both the most realistic aluminum look ever and outstanding technical properties. With up to 10 years' warranty on colorfastness and surface properties
Deceptively real aluminum appearance and feel 
The more matte the external surface, the higher the quality of building features, such as windows, doors, and facade claddings, appears to be. skai® mattex now meets the requirements of window manufacturers, architects and building owners alike, all thanks to a genuinely unique selling point. Gloss level 2 denotes an extreme matte that is, to date, unequalled on the market. With its new sand-matte feel, skai® mattex powder-coated aluminum is virtually indistinguishable from the real thing in direct comparisons.




The innovative PVDF coating is impervious to environmental influences. 

Like skai® woodec, skai® mattex also features a top layer of polyvinylidene fluoride (PVDF). This lends the surface a high temperature resistance, and is water-repellent and resistant to chemicals. In turn, this makes skai® mattex exterior surfaces particularly easy to clean and keeps them in top shape in every respect, even after years of extreme weathering. The temperature resistance of skai® mattex begins to show its benefits very early on, during its application. No shiny spots are produced during welding or bending.

skai® mattex uses the same standard cool colors technology as all skai® exterior coverings. Thanks to special pigments, heat-producing, near-infrared solar radiation does not penetrate into the profile, but is instead largely reflected. The window remains cool and dimensionally stable.

Architectural aspirations meet economic foresight 

The surfaces of skai® mattex are ideally suited for window profiles, doors, garage doors and facade elements. The stylish color options and sandy, matte surfaces are perfect for creative design projects. skai® mattex is available in jet black, fenstergrau, DB703, umbragrau, verkehrsweiß, s-bronze, anthrazitgrau, basaltgrau and quarzgrau. This high-performance covering is an economically and technically unbeatable alternative to both aluminum windows and plastic windows with aluminum cladding.

Special features of skai® mattex 

  • Extremely matte appearance with gloss level 2
  • Innovative scratch-resistant grain with a sand-matte feel, just like powder-coated aluminum
  • On-trend colors jet black, fenstergrau, DB703, umbragrau, verkehrsweiß, s-bronze, anthrazitgrau, basaltgrau, quarzgrau
  • All skai® exterior films feature the cool colors technology for effective surface temperature reduction (dark colors with cool colors plus, if required)
  • The PVDF coating makes the surface easy to clean, as well as temperature and chemical-resistant
  • No shiny spots produced during welding and bending

Matte. Extremely so. skai® mattex. See for yourself. 

Discover now how to use skai® mattex to lend windows, doors and other building elements quality in its most matte form. Our surface experts will be happy to advise you on application options, designs and technical specifications. They can also arrange for individual samples.